Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Are you thankful for another day with your family and friends?
For long Saturday mornings drinking coffee and talking about your dreams and goals?
For Sunday afternoon football games ?
For having someone rub your hair?
For Christmas morning with your children and spouse?
For Chili & pumpkin rolls ?
For long runs or walks outdoors?
For your health?
For your pets that make you laugh and drive you crazy?
For vacations and adventures?
For growing and eating food from your own garden?
For your kids smiles and laughter in your home?
For Birthdays?
For campfires, rainfall and snow?
For great movies snuggled up under your favorite blanket?
For ice tea on the back porch on a warm, sunny day?
For swimming, boating, the lake?
For the sound of the ocean?
For your “special person” on Christmas Eve.?
For music?
For God, for Church, for prayer?
For Freedom?
For hard work?
For setting and achieving goals?
For sunsets and full moons?
For nature and Gods beautiful earth?
For a good book you can’t put down?
For reading to your kids or grandkids?
For seasons?
For Hope, For Faith, For Love?
Be Thankful each and every day.
From our Family to yours, The Minichs
Chris, Elayne, Tim, Kevin & Matt

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