Monday, June 30, 2008

Our week long camping vacation ~

Chris and I took a much needed week off from everything. We packed up the camper, bikes and kayak's and headed out to the lake. We got a great site right on the water and had a wonderful time!
I think we ran into every bug, reptile and animal that you would NOT want to see while camping. As soon as we pulled in a bunch of hornets let us know we were in their territory. They never left us alone the whole time and found every way to get in the camper.
While I was swimming, I bumped into "something" that was either a snake or a fish. Chris says it was a fish, I don't think so.
While we were walking one night we crossed the path of a skunk. When he saw us he turned his backside towards us. At this point Chris says "run"! So, we took off running laughing hysterically. We ran into another one later on our bikes... again rode away quickly laughing.
There were rabbits everywhere. They are ok. But these big loud crows woke us up in the morning making that awful sound they make :)
You are probably asking yourself at this point why we think this is fun?? :) Check out the rest of the pics and posts from the week, you'll see why.

Hanging out at the campsite

Matt and Josh

Going Green~ taking solar showers outdoors :)

Yes~ I beat Chris at scrabble AGAIN!! This is the ONLY thing I have been able to beat Chris at in 28 years!

What we do for fun :)

We went mountain biking on the Dorba trails for about 3 hours. We also rode on the paved trails until my tire blew out. I thought ( from the hissing sound) that it was a snake. Chris said he didn't think I could ride that fast up a hill. You would be surprised how fast you can move when you think a giant snake is under your feet :)

The campground has these paved trails that wind all through the trees, fields and by the beach area. We decided to go for a run ( about 4 miles) but waited just a little too long. It was probably close to 100 degrees. We had to keep stopping at the water spickets and drench ourselves with water. We did not run well~ be we did do it!
All that biking, swimming and running has me thinking triathlon :)

Some of my favorite pics from the trip


We spent a lot of time on the water with the kayak's. Matt and his friends came out a couple of times to swim, kayak and play cards.

Going Home :(

It's always so fun when you get to the campsite and set up and so sad when you have to pack it up and head home. Ohh how we miss our morning coffee by sitting out at the lake.

Last day of Vacation

We ended our week with a trip out on the boat Sunday night for a few hours. The lake was very crowded but we stayed till it got dark so we could have the smooth water all to ourselves. it was worth it :)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Are You My Mother Continued...

If you read the earlier post about the "lost" baby bird in our backyard I thought you would like to see this. Mama found her baby and comes each morning to feed him until he is ready to fly on his own. Much like we do with our "baby birds".

Look closely Mama is on the fence and baby is on the ground looking at each other.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sudden Valley ~ Tim's Band

Most of you know that Kevin and Matt are in a band ( Citizen Erased) but may not know that Tim is also in a band ( Sudden Valley) and they had their first show last weekend. Chris and I were not able to go but Matt and Kevin did and said it was good. Tim plays bass guitar. Here are a few pics from that night.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Are you my Mother??

Do you all remember reading that book to your kid's? Well, a baby bird must have fell out of the nest or tried to fly too soon and is now stuck on the ground in my backyard. Every time I get close to him the Mama birds start squawking louder and louder. The baby got scared and "tried" to squeeze through the fence. It obviously did not work :)
I know nothing about birds but I sure would like to help this little guy that has fallen from his nest. Any suggestions??

Monday, June 16, 2008

Fathers Day 2008

Hope all the Dad's had a wonderful Fathers day yesterday. We went to church in the morning, Chris and the guys watched a movie and then we presented Chris with his Dad's day present~ a big, heavy duty very "guy" kind of present ~ a shop vac! He has been wanting one for a while and now he has one!
We did not plan to go anywhere as we have all been so wiped out lately and I was not feeling so great. So, we just hung out here, around 6:30 Ed & Lois came over for a BBQ and we spent most of the visit out on the back porch. I got to show Ed my garden and sent some onions home with Lois. They spent the night and we all had coffee this morning out back. It was a nice visit. I love this picture of Fathers and their sons :)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Last weekend at the Lake with Cindy & Emily

Matt wake boarding

Matt & Emily on the tube~ she held on forever and went really fast!

Minich Girls!!

More fun at the lake :)

Emily on the knee board


Emily decides it's nap time and takes a break :)

Our tube kept getting stuck in the buoy's, it was quite frustrating but Matt managed to get it out.


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