Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Chris and I spent a very relaxing, peaceful weekend at a friends get away house in Bee House, Texas. It is located in central Texas, hill country. The home sits on 125 acres out in the middle of nowhere. It is so quiet you can literally hear the bugs. Hunting season has ended and we only saw 2 deer and one big rabbit.
We had a fantastic time, hiking, 4-wheeling, watching movies, and relaxing in front of the fire.
I picked some pics from the weekend to share, enjoy!
Everyone needs their own Bee House :)

This picture is a spring fed stream on the property. A little warmer and I would have been tempted to get in.
The next picture is of a pond also on the property.

We ended the fist night with cinnamon hot chocolate in front of the fire.

At the end of each day, Chris built us a fire in the fireplace. I think he really enjoyed that part.

My turn!!!

Fun-fun-fun! We did ride double a couple of times, and as the sun was setting we were taking a final ride around the property, riding off into the sunset:)

Waiting for my turn to ride the 4 wheeler. Usually there are 2 and we can go together, but one of them was in the shop this time.

This is one of a few long open stretches that you get to go fast!

Chris's turn!


Chris and I stopping to take a water break during the hike. We sat on some rocks high up on the hillside and just took in the beauty of Texas Hill country-one of my favorite parts of Texas.

We spent Saturday morning taking a nice long hike up the hillside. The weather was perfect!

This was the view of Bee House at one of our stops during our hike. So peaceful.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The lunar eclipse-photo by Matt Minich


Matt decides to loose the hair

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Kevin & Matt are in a band called Citizen Erased. They have 5 upcoming shows and a website you can check out for show times and places.
Matthew is the lead guitar player, singer, song writer and plays keyboards.
Kevin is the drummer. They have 2 other guys in the band, Cody (bass) & Josh ( guitar)
The artwork was done by Kevin and photos and web site done by Matt.

Please check out their website and if possible check out one of their shows. You can also support them by purchasing a t-shirt! See the website~

Uretsky Family Pictures 2008


Harold, Tammy,
Brian & Jeffrey

David & Joey


Sophie Jane

Jessica, TJ & Sophie

Just us ~ Tim, Matt, Kevin
Elayne & Chris

Carl & Leida
Mom & Dad
Grandma & Grandpa

TJ (Timothy Jeremiah)

Uretsky Family pictures 2008

Kristy & TJ


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