Monday, March 31, 2008

First Camping Trip With The Camper!

Chris and I headed out to Lake Ray Roberts on Friday morning for the weekend. It took us 35 minutes to get there and setting up was pretty easy.
We got a great site on the water and were very surprised how many people were already out there.
The weather was cold, got down to the high 30's the first night and we had to run the heat.
We had a great time and are planning a trip for next month.



our campsite


View from the edge of our campsite at Lake Ray Roberts.


After we got the camper set up we headed out for the DORBA ( Dallas Offroad Bike Association) trails. They total 8 miles of single lane dirt roads that twist and turn throughout the woods. You are dodging trees, rocks and going up and down hills.
I lasted 1.1 miles -the first trail :) After Chris wiped out and flew over his handle bars I figured that this is a sport for 20 year olds and is just not my thing. So he said.. OK grandma where do you want to ride? I said back on the nice wide paved trails.. much better!
So, Chris will need a buddy or two to hit the Dorba trails with him next time. Any volunteers??

I have no idea what I am about to get myself into :)

Chilling out at the campsite

yes, we took the laptop camping :) It is great at night when you get in bed and put a movie on :)

After all these years of tent camping the camper was wonderful! Hot water, a sink, heat, A/C and a bed off the ground!


Saturday was still cold, but great for running and hiking, which is what we spent the day doing.
We ran about 4 miles in the morning and later that day hiked about another 5 miles.
This is an awesome place to run!!

This was an old "primitive" campsite we found several miles in. Looked like no-one had been there for a very long time.




A shot I took while hiking, thought it was pretty.

Saturday night

After a long day, Chris got a fire going for us. We cooked some chicken on the BBQ and ate dinner, followed by Starbucks hot chocolate!
Thanks Niki :)

Last Day-Sunday

OK, as we have been told by Matt that we look like "dorks" with our helmets on, we know this, BUT ... some of the trails require a helmet and my thinking was that I do not need a head injury on top of everything else right now. So.. Dork it is! :)
This was our last morning and we decided to go biking again. The paved trails run along the lake in some places and makes for a beautiful ride or run.
By Sunday, it was getting warmer-quite a change from Friday.


Sunday, March 30

The spring flowers are just beginning to come out. I took this picture while we were biking.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Cindy & Emily on Easter Sunday

Pretty In Pink!

Friday, March 21, 2008



Sunday, March 9, 2008

Going up!

Dave and Barb came in Friday with the camper from Arizona. We had just enough time to eat some pizza and get ready to go see Kevin & Matt's band play at Lone Star Country club.

We ( the parents) all sat there watching "the band" realizing we are in a club and the band performing are our kids and nephews. Barb said it best "what the heck happened"?? Before you know it your "baby" is the lead singer in the small smoky club and you are wondering "What the heck happened" :)
We had a short but VERY FUN visit. Hope to see you guys again soon!

Dave and Chris setting up the "kitchen".

Barb and Chris going over" camper stuff ".

This is the camper all set up. Jake and Mel, hope you like your new camper as much as we like ours!
happy camping :)

Time to go camping!!

CITIZEN ERASED - played last week in Dallas.

Matt plays lead guitar and sings for Citizen Erased.

Matt at the Paladium in Dallas

Thursday, March 6, 2008

March 6th 2008 Texas snow storm

What a day! We started with rain that turned to thunderstorms, then to sleet and we are now at about 8-9 inches of snow!
Enjoy the rest of the pics, it is beautiful!


Alex, Maddie and their snowman!

LiLi wishing she could go out and chase the snow flakes.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Parker and Kellie

Our newest little cousin Parker with his Mom, Kellie.
Love his name, Kellie :)

The camper exchange this weekend!

Dave & Barb will be towing the camper to Texas from Arizona this weekend. We are getting the pop up camper and they continue on to Tulsa to pick up the BIG camper.
We are looking forward to it!

Springtime in Texas??

It began snowing early Monday night, March 3rd. We got about 3 inches. By the morning it was all just about gone :(
We did enjoy the brief but beautiful snowfall sitting in front of the fire, reading.

The square in the back, left corner is my garden. I was going to plant my veggies this past Sunday, while Chris was building a gate for our camper. It rained and neither the gate or garden was done. Whew!


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