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Quotes of Christmas Past Continued...1993 & 1995

" What can we say about Matt???They say the third one's a charm. I never quite understood what they meant by that".

" Matt learned how to knee-board this summer on Uncle Jimmy's boat. He still has to learn how to let go of the rope". ( Matt is 3 yrs. old at this point :)

1995~ this is the year we moved to Portland, Oregon. Tim drove the first leg of the trip to Arizona with Grandma & Grandpa Minich & Cousin Marcus. So now the scene is set..
"Unfortunately Tim got stranded in Van Horn, Tx. after his grandpa slaughtered Bambi"
 "The shock of the moment was too much for Myra ( Tim's pet hamster) she was buried in the desert with Bambi" ( actually, Tim left her on the dashboard in the sun)

" Matt earns the Get Out Of My Way title. His soccer coach recently gave him this title due to his enormous momentum exercised while running down the opposing team players during a game".

"After 11 years Duke ( our dog) has managed to save enough money to put a down payment on his new dog house. This is probably the only one we can afford to buy in this area" ( this wasn't far from the truth ).

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Quotes of Christmas Past 1988

Today I pulled out a book that Carla put together for all the family  members years ago titled Christmas Letters. Every year most of the families will write a Christmas Letter to highlight the year. We would print them off and keep them all in this book.
 As I read through the letters I felt many emotions. Some of the things we wrote absolutely cracked me up looking back at them all these years later.
Here are some of my favorites~ enjoy a few laughs at our expense :)

From1988 Our first Letter. Narrated by - Chris, comments added by Elayne:)
" As you can tell we got a hold of a computer. So now we are able to mass produce an annual letter".

"Kevin celebrated his first birthday this year. He is a big fan of water sports. He rode on the knee-board with Daddy" ( how big of a fan can you be at one??)

Timmy has had the pleasure of putting us through 2 sets of stitches this year, both on either side of his forehead".

"Elayne  also had stitches in her forehead.She bumped her head wiping out while water skiing. It didn't stop her from going again". ( sounds like a couple of klutzes to me)

"Chris was involved in 2 car accidents this year in his 1970 Chevy Nova. Luckily, he was not at fault, therefore his car made us money because we never bothered to get the damage fixed. The second accident totaled the car and allowed us to get the long awaited mini van" ( Oh..the important things after 2 accidents)

"Hope to have you for a guest in the vacation capitol of the world The Colony, Texas" ( Really?)

Monday, November 29, 2010

Under Construction....again

This Old House is under construction once again! Tonight Chris and I began the process of removing ceramic tile from our entry way.
A few lessons learned~ This is neither easy nor fast. Always read the "how to" on line BEFORE starting.
~ventilation is a must as well as a eye protection and long sleeves.
~be ready for a back breaking workout
~be REALLY sure you like the next floor because it is NEVER coming up!
We did get the entire floor up, it really wasn't that bad:)  Now for the fun part.... check back for the finished floor!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We had a FanFunTabulous Thanksgiving!!The morning began bright and early with the first annual Minich family & friends 5k Turkey Trot! It was cold, windy and a little rainy but we all had a great time!
Molly and I had fun decorating the table the day before and everyone came with lots of delicious food!
We had our traditional turkey chili along with vegetarian chili and tortilla soup for the main meal.
It would not be Thanksgiving without our pumpkin rolls which were a hit!
A wonderful day of family, friends, celebrations and memories.

Ryo is ready for the holidays!

A little guitar hero before everyone arrives


Nikki, Tommy & Molly

Angie & Sera

The Minich/Weeks Family Thanksgiving

The right side of the table...

The left side of the table...

celebrating Molly's birthday too!

Mom and Dad came over for desert and Nikki's birthday

Today was also Nikki's 23rd birthday...we sang and sang and sang to her :)

Kevin & Nikki playing Kinect, we all had so much fun with this!

Nikki & Molly plugging the holes

Nikki & Adam Boxing it out

Tim made his mulled wine, a recipe from Prague

Happy Fall To All!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Pumpkin Patch & Pumpkin Roll recipe!

Kevin & Nikki


Pumpkin Roll Recipe~ Chris and I make Pumpkin Rolls every year and many of you have asked for the recipe, so here it is! Great for Thanksgiving
or Christmas desert. Please let us know how yours turns out :) Have a very Happy
Thanksgiving everyone!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

A last minute through together Halloween made for a very fun day and Halloween Eve.

Dr. Pepper
The day started with searching for pumpkins ( which could be found nowhere) and then making lots of candy apples! Nikki and Elayne were the candy apple Queens!

Next it was time to carve Jack-O! Chris was in charge of this one.


Chris & Jack-O

While Chris carved Jack-O the rest of us hung out and played Frisbee.


Matt & Kevin playing a very odd game of frisbee. Instead of catching it, they try to hit each other with it. How do you win?? Take the hit without moving or flinching.

Kevin; Mom, can we come over on Halloween and decorate? We will put everything out and clean everything up!
Me: Not this year Kev. I'm not feeling so great. How about just a movie and pass out candy?
Kev: OK
Me; ???????
 Although Chris and I have pretty much given up the days of "Haunting" the house, the boys still have a blast with it! This is Kevin & Matt's last minute masterpiece.... which brought lots of "trick or treaters" to the house.

this thing is creepy

Our original plan for Halloween was to watch the Rangers, dress up as "boring old people" and pass out candy. I think this tends to be how Chris and I feel sometimes :)
Guess who??
 Just decorate?? Oh no... must dress up and scare the older kids too!
Guess who??
 We had a very fun day with all our kiddos! Hope all of you had a fun and safe Halloween.................
Happy Halloween!


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