Thursday, October 1, 2009

Grandpa Minich updates

This is the latest update regarding how Ed is currently doing He was brought into the hospital after a blood test revealed his blood sugar level to be at 600. His sister Judy is now there taking care of Ed and Lois. The following information was an e-mail update last night from his son Bob.

"Dad's doing OK. He's still physically weak. He's alert and talkative, but still wants plenty of sleep. His blood sugar is still not well controlled but they are working on that with insulin and diet. The MRI results are in and the doctors are happy with the result. They said the tumor is shrinking and the treatment is doing what it is supposed to do.

Judy said Dad is eating well, though his menu is now both gluten free and diabetic appropriate. He said he didn't have any visitors other than Judy today and that's OK because mainly he just needs to rest and sleep. A diabetic nurse visited while Judy was there. They think Dad will require insulin when he gets home so they are going to set him up with a blood tester and supplies. According to the diabetic nurse, the three main causes for diabetes are steroids, genetics, and stress. It sounds like Dad is lined up with 2.5 of those factors.

Dad got his radiation treatment today and is still on the prescribed drugs. They are working to lower steroid dose. Dad still needs assistance. He is too weak to move between the transport bed they use to bring him to the radiation treatment and the bed in his room. They will be working on physical therapy to get him more active.

Chris and Elayne are planning to come to Tulsa."

-- Bob

Please continue to pray for Ed while he is getting the rest, treatments and care he needs to regain his strength. We are looking forward to getting there and giving him a hug :)


Anonymous said...

As always, here when you need us and keeping Ed in our prayers. Will be praying for safety for you both as you make the trip.

Love, Diane and Gene

Mike and Christie said...

We are thankful for the news and especially for Judy coming to take care of him.
Love You!


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