Monday, October 11, 2010

The Harris Wedding

Saturday October 9th we were honored to be invited to Nicole & Ryan Harris' wedding. We have known Nicole since she was about 12 and she is also the best friend of our daughter-in-law Nikki. We had a wonderful time at the wedding and reception!

Ryan & Nicole Harris!



Nikki and Chris

Minich Brothers
Annie, baby Blaine & the beautiful Bride!

Tim, Adam & Kevin

Nikki & Kevin

Kevin & Tommy

Chris and baby Blaine

This looks good on him doesn't it??

On The Border with Minich/Weeks at our house after with everyone... Oh, and I got a huge free desert at the restaurant for being a breast cancer survivor. Everyone at the table sang"Happy survivor day" to me then we passed the desert around as everyone took one bite to share. Great day ♥

Molly, Nikki and Elayne
Adam & Sarah

Tommy & Angie

Tim, Katherine & Matt


kimberly said...

*coughs...Elayne needs a grandbaby...*coughs

Elayne said...

I got to feed him his bottle :)


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