Monday, March 31, 2008

Sunday, March 30

The spring flowers are just beginning to come out. I took this picture while we were biking.

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Anonymous said...

Chris & Elayne,
Oh what energy you have! What a wonderful way to spend time with each other. The pics are beautiful and it all looks so peaceful.
The camper is real nice and I'm so sure that it beats the cold damp ground. Of course you know me Elayne, won't camp any other way but with a bathroom and hot water!
I think that I've got the guy to bike ride with Chris...Gene went over the handle bars right in front of our house not to long ago as he was holding on to Tux with his leash. The dork (I can say that) put on his handle brake when tux started to head out in front of him. Came in pretty bruised. Bruised pride more than anything.
Enjoy your blog, try and read it everyday.
Take care of each other and talk to you soon!
Love, Diane


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