Monday, February 2, 2009

Superbowl Party at Tim's

Well, my Arizona Minich family~ we feel your pain. We were all ( but a few~ you know who you are) cheering for the Cardinals with you. What a game.
Tim and his roommate Michael had a Superbowl party in their 2 bedroom apartment last night with 22 people! Michael is one of 9 children in his family of which all but a few were there, as well as his parents, cousins and friends. Tim had all of us and some of his friends too. You mix the Sneed family with the Minich family and toss a few friends in there and what a fun time watching the Superbowl! I wish I had taken pictures, I am still not sure how we fit 22 people in an apartment living room.
We had pizza, salad and lots of great food. Thanks Tim & Mike, it was fun!

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