Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Rehearsal Dinner and drive to the wedding!

The Bride & Groom meeting for the Rehearsal at the Alexander Mansion!

The wedding party heading in for our "practice runs".

Nikki and her mom, Angie at La Hacienda where the dinner was held.

Lindsey and Emily ( the flower girls) with their flower girls bears from Build a Bear.

The food was delicious and the rehearsal and dinner went very well! A great time with the wedding party the night before the "Big Day"!

So far, this is my only picture I have from the wedding. Kevin and Adam ( Nikki's brother) drove with Chris and I to the wedding. We had to keep Kevin and Nikki from seeing each other in the parking lot. The girls snuck Nikki in and the guys kept Kevin hidden while helping him get ready in the car. He was sooo nervous and such a handsome groom! Steve and Adam took good care of him :)

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