Thursday, April 30, 2009

This Old House~

has a new kitchen/nook/bathroom/laundry and pantry floor! After 5 long weeks it is finally done!
Laying the last tile....

Monday, April 27, 2009

A weekend of Celebrations!!

This past weekend was full of celebrations for our family!
We started Saturday at my niece Jessica's house to celebrate her daughter Sophie's 2nd birthday.This is Sophie opening up her present from Aunt Elayne & Uncle Chris. We got her a swim suit with matching flip flops and a hair bow (thanks Cindy:). I hear she loved her shoes and would not take them off :) Isn't she adorable??

From there we headed to game 4 in the playoffs! Dallas Mavericks vs. San Antonio Spurs at the American Airlines Center. We were celebrating Chris & Matt's birthdays.

The crowd was huge, the fans were crazy

and the Mavs were great~ The game was close which kept it very exciting and the Mavs won 99-90! The fans were yelling, cheering and singing all the way out to the parking lots~we had sooo much fun!!

Then we were on our way to "HENKS" for dinner. The guys have been telling us about this little German resteraunt/deli/bakery they found and love going to in Dallas. They have told us that many of the customers and staff speak in German. That there is entertainment , someone playing the accordion and sometimes singing (in German of course). The customers will join in the songs of cheer and sing along. A women was playing when we were there and she played Happy Birthday for Chris and Matt on the accordian. And yes, the people sitting at tables around us were speaking in German. It was so cool. I didn't know such a place existed in Dallas :)
So we ate brauts, sauerkraut, spaetzle,German beer and cake! We toasted to our birthday boys, the Dallas Mavericks and to my great test results from this week!

It was a wonderful day with "my guys" :)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

In Loving Memory of James Patrick Minich

Today, April 26th, is the two year anniversary since Jim began his eternal life in Heaven. We all miss him SO much, but know that he is in the loving arms of his Father.
Wish we could be there this year with all of you in Oklahoma. We love & miss you Jim.
Chris, Elayne, Tim, Kevin & Matt

Friday, April 24, 2009

Another Birthday at the Minichs!

Today is Matthew's 19th Birthday! I can't believe our youngest is now 19. A lot has changed for him since his last birthday. He decided to switch his major from Geology to Arts & Performance with a concentration in music. For all that know Matt, it is easy to see this change was good :)

Here is an e-mail he shared with me. Please take a moment to check out this film created by his roommate Felipe, in which Matt did the voice acting :)

"Felipe created two animated films, one of which I was the narrator and
primary voice actor for. He entered the films into the UTD Cosmic Film
Festival and won two out of the 4 awards! For his film I was NOT in, he
won best film, and for the one I WAS in,it won best animated film....and
here it is"

enjoi :)
Happy Birthday Matthew~ love you!
Please feel free to leave Matt a Happy Birthday message!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Almost there.....

Weekend 4 in This Old House! Tim and Chris finished laying tile in the middle of the kitchen on Saturday. They worked all day till midnight with a break for dinner and to watch the second half of the Dallas Mavericks! ( GO MAVS)!

All the tile is laid with the exception of under the fridge and stove. Kevin and Chris will grout this part tomorrow night.

This part of the job was a bit harder as we had to literally move out of the kitchen for 24 hours once the tile was laid. So... we loaded up coolers and food from the pantry and grilled jalapeno turkey burgers outside for dinner. It's been a huge job, but we are almost there!!

Thank you everyone for the Happy Birthday wishes and cards for Chris!!

Friday, April 17, 2009


Saturday the 18th is Chris's Birthday!!! Happy Birthday to a wonderful guy!
Feel free to leave a birthday message for him in the comments section :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

This Old House~ and sons!

Another weekend working on the floors and very grateful for our sons help! Each of them has come over and helped , and this weekend it was Tim :)

He worked all day with his Dad cutting and laying tile.

The bathroom and laundry rooms are completely done!

The pantry and nook have all the tiles laid and Chris will grout them tonight. We have one more section to go, the middle of the kitchen.

More later~ from This Old House!

Monday, April 6, 2009


Week 2 and the work continues. We finished all the scraping and wiping the glue off the concrete on Friday, Matt came over and helped finish that part off.
On Saturday, we had to gather a few more tools and Chris began the tedious process of cutting, fitting and laying tile.

By Sunday, the pantry, Laundry and bathrooms were cut and tile laid. After a little paint touch up in the bathroom, it is ready for grout and the sink and toilet to be returned!
This is part of the laundry room, ready for grout and the washer/dryer to be moved out of the kitchen and back where they belong :)

It will sure be nice when this done, everything is such a mess. A little harder to live with than I had anticipated :) But.. it will be worth it when it is done. More later from This Old House...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Kevin & Nikki's Blog!

Kevin and Nikki have started their blog. Check it out, keep up with the wedding news and their lives by clicking on the link below and sign up to "follow" their blog.


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