Friday, April 24, 2009

Another Birthday at the Minichs!

Today is Matthew's 19th Birthday! I can't believe our youngest is now 19. A lot has changed for him since his last birthday. He decided to switch his major from Geology to Arts & Performance with a concentration in music. For all that know Matt, it is easy to see this change was good :)

Here is an e-mail he shared with me. Please take a moment to check out this film created by his roommate Felipe, in which Matt did the voice acting :)

"Felipe created two animated films, one of which I was the narrator and
primary voice actor for. He entered the films into the UTD Cosmic Film
Festival and won two out of the 4 awards! For his film I was NOT in, he
won best film, and for the one I WAS in,it won best animated film....and
here it is"

enjoi :)
Happy Birthday Matthew~ love you!
Please feel free to leave Matt a Happy Birthday message!


Timothy said...

Happy Birthday Broseph!

CLM said...

Happy Birthday Matt!!

Kevin and Nikki said...

"Is it true, that there is a place in a person's head, that if you shoot it, it will blow up?"

Happy Birthday Matt!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Matt!!!

The Weeks'

Michelle and Jeff said...

Happy birthday, and might I say, very impressive voice acting! I kept asking myself, "Is that really Matt or some British guy?" until about 3/4ths of the way through until I finally just accepted that it really is you... and now I feel so freakin' OLD!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Matt! Wow - everytime I come back to this blog there is a different picture of you. You wouldn't happen to have a caffeine addiction? Too funny - loved the voice acting too!


What's Going On... said...

That video is so cool! I can't believe he could say all those words! Did it take a lot of practice?! Very cool voice! Hope he had a happy birthday!


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