Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Saying Goodbye

We all spent the last weekend in August together in Tulsa to say goodbye to Lois, Chris's mom at her memorial service. Sadley this is our 3rd time to say goodbye to one of our family members from Tulsa in the past 3 years.
The memorial service was on Friday morning and beautifully done. Many family and friends were gathered there as we all remembered Lois's life, her giving spirit and pride for her family. After the memorial service we were able to say goodbye to Ed and Lois as they are now both in their final resting place here on earth, but together once again in heaven with our brother Jim.
Our last visit to the Tulsa House
 We did get to see and spend time with the siblings, nieces and nephews that were able to come.

Anna & Carla
Elayne & Tim
The kids ALWAYS love playing in the pool, especially when a fun uncle joins in!
Uncle Chris, Erika, Lindsay & Sarah
Sarah, Anna & Lindsay

Brothers Mike, Chris, Dave & Bob

Carla & Chris
James, Bob & Katie

Jake & James

Before everyone headed home, back to Texas & Arizona  we all went out to lunch. It happened to be Lois's Birthday  so we all toasted to her on her very special first birthday in Heaven.


It was wonderful to see everyone, but we all agree we need to see each other under happier occasions soon. We will miss our trips to Tulsa, we will always miss our family.... Jim, Ed & Lois Minich


Mike and Christie said...

I'm still in shock. I can't help but feel that pain well up in my throat when I read about it.

But we had a really good time visiting everybody. Love the picture of the 4 brother's Minich. :)
I might borrow that one.
Sad Jim wasn't in that picture.

Sometimes I read some things Ed wrote just to feel close to him again.

Erika Minich said...

I love the visit. I miss everybody. Thanks for the swimming lessons.Glad I didn't pay $60 for it. I love you.I like the picture with Uncle David doing some thing.



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