Thursday, December 9, 2010

Quotes of Christmas Past Continued...1993 & 1995

" What can we say about Matt???They say the third one's a charm. I never quite understood what they meant by that".

" Matt learned how to knee-board this summer on Uncle Jimmy's boat. He still has to learn how to let go of the rope". ( Matt is 3 yrs. old at this point :)

1995~ this is the year we moved to Portland, Oregon. Tim drove the first leg of the trip to Arizona with Grandma & Grandpa Minich & Cousin Marcus. So now the scene is set..
"Unfortunately Tim got stranded in Van Horn, Tx. after his grandpa slaughtered Bambi"
 "The shock of the moment was too much for Myra ( Tim's pet hamster) she was buried in the desert with Bambi" ( actually, Tim left her on the dashboard in the sun)

" Matt earns the Get Out Of My Way title. His soccer coach recently gave him this title due to his enormous momentum exercised while running down the opposing team players during a game".

"After 11 years Duke ( our dog) has managed to save enough money to put a down payment on his new dog house. This is probably the only one we can afford to buy in this area" ( this wasn't far from the truth ).

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