Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Quotes of Christmas Past 1988

Today I pulled out a book that Carla put together for all the family  members years ago titled Christmas Letters. Every year most of the families will write a Christmas Letter to highlight the year. We would print them off and keep them all in this book.
 As I read through the letters I felt many emotions. Some of the things we wrote absolutely cracked me up looking back at them all these years later.
Here are some of my favorites~ enjoy a few laughs at our expense :)

From1988 Our first Letter. Narrated by - Chris, comments added by Elayne:)
" As you can tell we got a hold of a computer. So now we are able to mass produce an annual letter".

"Kevin celebrated his first birthday this year. He is a big fan of water sports. He rode on the knee-board with Daddy" ( how big of a fan can you be at one??)

Timmy has had the pleasure of putting us through 2 sets of stitches this year, both on either side of his forehead".

"Elayne  also had stitches in her forehead.She bumped her head wiping out while water skiing. It didn't stop her from going again". ( sounds like a couple of klutzes to me)

"Chris was involved in 2 car accidents this year in his 1970 Chevy Nova. Luckily, he was not at fault, therefore his car made us money because we never bothered to get the damage fixed. The second accident totaled the car and allowed us to get the long awaited mini van" ( Oh..the important things after 2 accidents)

"Hope to have you for a guest in the vacation capitol of the world The Colony, Texas" ( Really?)

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