Saturday, January 22, 2011

This Old House...Under Construction Again

First thing we did was remove the tile in the hallway

The new floor!
Next we removed the carpet from the dining room and installed hardwood floors

The dining room complete with the refinished Minich Family table.
Removing the carpet with Kevin & Matt from the family room



Tim & Chris running wires

Back porch converted to work area

The family room floors getting closer!

Life living "under construction"!

Family room

We are almost done, spent today refinishing all the trim and laying more floors.

It has been a huge undertaking and we will be glad to put the house back together but so far it has been well worth it! Final pictures coming soon!


sperlonga said...

I found this blog in a rather round-about way. It has to do with your name. Minich! Wow, that's our name, and we never see it spelled this way. It would be fun to connect.
email is:

Erika Minich said...

That is so pretty. I like the table and floor. Thanks for the Check. Hope you like your hat and Scarf.


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