Monday, January 31, 2011

What This Old House Has taught Me

  • I have learned how to remove linoleum, tile and carpet from concrete
  • How to lay ceramic tile & grout, 
  • How to install hardwood floors
  • How to paint & stain everything!
  • How to remove, plane, sand and repaint trim
  • refinish furniture
  • insert a gas log fireplace
  • How to lay sod, plant trees, bushes, a garden, mow, cut and trim 
HOWEVER~ I can not sew, fold laundry nicely, walk in heels, style hair, or make a pretty bow.
Living Thankfully and Loving my family & friends  In "This Old House"


Kevin and Nikki said...

I could probably hike in my heels. Let me know if you'd like any lessons. ;)

I think you've got the far more valuable knowledge! :)

I love you!!

Anonymous said...

You needed girls!!!!!

Love, Diane


Mike and Christie said...

Hey Elayne,
There is a special award waiting for you on my blog.
Come and get it! :)


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