Thursday, December 4, 2008

Naughty or Nice??

Well, I have had the boxes of Christmas decorations out for several days now and little by little I have placed stockings and decorations here and there. I have to be honest this is the first year that no-one is here to decorate and it is just not fun! Makes you realize how special those "family traditions" are when they are younger. Maybe I should bribe them with food :)

The guys always fought over who would get to put baby Jesus on the advent calender, which would be Christmas eve. They each took a turn sticking a particular piece on the calendar until it was full. Angels, Shepard's, wise men, stars and of course Mary, Joseph and the Baby Jesus.
Today was day 4 and I have been sticking the little Velcro pieces on the calendar. It is NOT THE SAME but someone has to do it. Tomorrow Matt is coming over, I think I will save day 5 for him :)
For now, I have a very messy house and two "Naughty" animals that think they are "helping" me.


Mike and Christie said...
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Mike and Christie said...

That cat looks VERY Naughty!
The dog just looks guilty! :)


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