Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Well, it's Saturday afternoon and the nest is once again empty. The guys came over Wednesday and spent a few days here with us. Last night Nikki came over and we all enjoyed a big pot of homemade chicken stew and finished off the
pumpkin roll. Followed by a fire, popcorn and a movie, Ironman. A nice relaxing weekend :) Now Chris and I are getting ready to go run off the pumpkin rolls. We have several miles to do today :)
Here are our pictures from this Thanksgiving at my parents house~
Kristy & Sophie


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures and the pumpkin rolls were DELISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!! Love, Auzt Suzie and Uncle Burt xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Happy post Thanksgiving. It looks like you all had a lovely day. I also just saw your dad's photos. They all look great.

Our day was spent eating.....what else!!!! We started at Peter and Cheryl's, then to Susans; then to Cheryl's brothers. It was fun.

Doing a lot of "catch up" this weekend. Of course, I never am caught up. I'm starting to think about Holiday card. But, that's all.....thinking.

Hope you are doing okay.

Lots of love,


Anonymous said...

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and Prayers are with you. Charlotte


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