Thursday, October 8, 2009

Trip to Tulsa

Chris and I took a 4 day trip to Tulsa Friday-Monday to see Ed, Lois, Judy & Bob. We arrived Friday and Ed was still in the hospital. At that point he was still weak and tired but Judy and Bob said he had much more energy than just the day before. We were quite anxious to get there and be with him.
The next 3 days were spent getting Ed home, settled and everyone learning how to administer his insulin shots as well as making sure his diet was appropriate for diabetes and gluten free. Kind of challenging.
He has decided it would be best to stay in an assisted living home for now and we visited one in his neighborhood. They invited us for lunch and to talk. I had no idea how nice those places are and what a great option for anyone needing extra care, but remaining independent in a great social environment. I think we were all ready to move in :)

Each day we saw Ed getting stronger and doing more and more. Including his typical "cutting up" with everyone. He was asking staff at the hospital and assisted living for a skateboard and trying to play "bumper cars" with his walker with the others. He never ceases to amaze me and keep me laughing :) He learned quickly that if you push the "emergency " button on the hospital bed the nurses come running- it did work!

We decided to stay in a hotel with a pool and hot tub which was much enjoyed after we did a 16 mile run downtown Tulsa at Riverside Park on Saturday morning ( more info. on the run see my blog;

Monday afternoon we had to head home and knew it was just not a long enough amount of time there. His sister Judy and son Bob are holding down the fort right now and Carla should be there tomorrow, followed by Cindy and then Dave. All to help get Ed and Lois situated and Judy back home to Michigan. She has been a wonderful aunt and sister through this!

For more detailed and up to date info. on Ed please follow his blog that Bob is keeping up.
Prayers for Ed and the Minich family are welcome and much appreciated! Ed~ a big hug to you from me :) Love~ Elayne

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