Thursday, March 31, 2011

Prayers for The Hudspeth Family

Please pray for the Hudspeth Family after the loss of their 24 yr. old son David. Our son Kevin was friends with David. They all went to a small high school, Denton Calvary and played football/basketball together. David was married to his high school sweet-heart Elise. Our hearts are very heavy. Please keep this family in prayer.


Kim OBar said...

What a small world it is. I was looking for pics of David playing footbal for OSU because we are making a memoir for David with his sticker from his helmet to give to his mother and father and ran across your blog.This is Kim Harolds first wife and thought how funny that we knew the same people after all these yrs. My husband works with the Hudspeth family at there company and there family has treated us like family for the last 5 yrs. David was an amazing man, and a true inspiration to many. We are very blessed to have had him touch our lifes. I have read some of the blog and what a wonderful family you have. Congrats on becoming a grandmother soon, I have 3 already and they are definantely the light of my life. What a small world it is!!!

Ella said...

I am so sorry to hear such sad news. I remember when I was 16, seeing a friend die in a car accident. I was in the vehicle behind. It is a difficult time for everyone.
You all are in my thoughts n' prayers!

Elayne said...

Kim~ wow, your not kidding.What a small world! It is nice to hear from you, just wish we had caught back up under different circumstances.
How is Amber? She was just a little girl last time I saw her :)
My sons all went to school with the Hudspeth boys and Elise. Great family, so very sad for them.
Keeping them all in prayer. Keep in touch, nice to hear from you

Elayne said...

I am sorry to hear of the accident involving your friends as well.
Thanks for your thoughts and prayers and for stopping by!


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