Thursday, April 10, 2008

10 year anniversary in our home today~ April 10th

Last night at 4 am we were all woken up by some strong Texas storms. There were severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings all over the place. This morning I let Ryo out back to find one of my Bradford Pair tress split right in half! So disappointing. Well, our 10 year anniversary came in with a bang!
It's amazing how fast that time has gone by. We have watched Matt go from 8 to 18, all 3 boys graduate high school and go to college, learn how to drive, have first dates, and go from boys to men.
The backyard has gone from a dirt lot to a soccer field, to a place you would see Kevin flying through the air on the trampoline to the now vegetable garden and parking spot for the camper.
The upstairs has transformed from a school room to a game room to a workout room, and instead of bedrooms filled with kids we now have an office and a guestroom.
We have been through good and bad times but mostly good, with lots of laughing, jokes and fun times out back. We have celebrated many holidays here with our favorites being Christmas and Halloween. It has been a good 10 years!


Anonymous said...

When I went to a lecture about trees afterh the ICE STORM here, they told us get Pears out of oour vocabulary because they are too vulnerable. Ditto also for River Birch which is what I had in my front yard and had it's remains cut down. I know have an Oak tree about 5' high. I hope it grows.


Anonymous said...

I need to check my spelling better next time.


clm said...

Wow, it is amazing how time flys. I remember when you moved in. I think I met you guys when you were moving in to the apartment prior to the house.


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