Thursday, April 24, 2008


Today is Matt's 18th Birthday. He is away at school so we will not get to see him until tomorrow. This is the first time we will not be with him on his B Day :(
He is finishing his Freshman year at UTD and majoring in Geology.
His passions are music, song writing and photography.
We have loved the last 18 years with him. When he was born Chris and I had decided he was the last but when we both sat on the hospital bed holding him we said "how could this be the last one"? Well, that thought passed... and he is the "baby". So, we are officially parents of all adult kids and we love it! My favorite times with him are sitting and having coffee and talking (sometimes for hours) about life. He is wise beyond his years and a great conversationalist. Warning: make sure he has had his coffee in the morning before you try to talk to him ~ :)
Love you Matt~ Happy Birthday!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Matt!

clm said...

Awwww! Happy Birthday Matt. What a super young man you have become. Emily still plays with her Ken doll that she calls Matthew. And she loves the Pokemon cards you gave her. She rearranges them on a regular basis. Have a great one!

Anonymous said...

Hey Matt

Can't beleive your 18 - probably sick of hearing that ....

Happy Birthday. Still think of you as that cute little boy who came to Michigan that we gave tractor rides to.....

Love ya!!!!

Have a great day and be good.

~robin in michigan ~

Anonymous said...

Hello Matt,
I can remember the first time that we saw you was when you were on your Mom's hip. She was teaching swimming lessons there in The Colony to Lauren and her cousin Jennifer. Tim and Kevin had to sit on the side of the pool while your Mom was teaching the girls. Doesn't seem that long ago. You have become quite a young man and I know you are so loved by your family. Stay as sweet as you are and always remember to place Him first place in your life. You are always in His grip! Happy 18 Matt.
Love, The Heathcocks


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