Monday, April 21, 2008

Lake Murray Camping Trip

Chris and I headed out for Lake Ray Roberts on Friday morning for our 2nd camping trip with the camper. When we arrived, truck, camper, kayak's and bikes in tow they asked us if we had a reservation. Of course we did not, thinking we were ahead of the game, it's only April! Well, they looked at us like we were from Mars and said they were booked for the "for see able future"! So... off to Oklahoma to Lake Murray. They had campsites, look at the one we got :)
We had a great time and we are learning that RV camping is way different than tent camping. Here's a few things we noticed; At night tent campers are all huddled around the campfire on lawn chairs. Lot's of people and noise. RV camping, everyone is inside ( except for camper Larry that had the only other pop-up in the campground). I am assuming watching TV based on all the satellite dishes propped up outside their RV's. No one has to use the dreaded public bathrooms/showers. They already have them. Chris and I had them all to ourselves. Tent campers seem to keep to themselves more often ( you know getting away from everything and everyone) but RV camping we find people want to know their neighbors. Camper Larry even brought us apple pie that he made with his dutch oven! Then there was the boat full of drunk 20 year olds that "in their own words" let us know that they "owned" the campground and somehow Chris and I snuck by and got their favorite site. Oh well...
They went as far as to pull their boat up in our site, walk back and forth to their site ( to get more beer) and sit right there in our site with us. One of them even peed right there off the boat in front of us! Maybe we are getting old,that was not the camping etiquette we learned growing up.
Besides that, it was really fun and I even beat Chris in scrabble-twice! Our first game was neck in neck and I won by 2 points. Slaughtered him in the second game. That's big to beat a Minich twice!!!

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