Sunday, May 18, 2008

Kevin & Nikki celebrate their one year anniversary together!

We spent another beautiful day at the lake on Saturday with Tim, Kevin, Matt, Sean ( Kevin's roommate) and Nikki ( Kev's girlfriend:) Kevin and Nikki have been together for one year now and make a sweet couple. We all love Nikki and it is really nice having another girl around :) Especially her :)

We have some great pic's on Matts camera-good wipe outs :) I'll post those later. Kevin tried to do the "Uncle Jim" tube ride to Matt. He beat him up pretty well, but has not mastered the technique. Something interesting happened while Kevin was pulling Matt on the tube . We had "In the jungle" from a CD Jim had left in the player turned up when the floating boat key chain Jim had the key on came apart and out falls his wedding ring! Cindy thought it was in the boat but we couldn't find it ~ until Saturday. I can't wait to give it to Cindy.


Matthew and Kevin said...

That was a fun day...and MANY MORE to come!!! :) I love you Mom,


Nikki said...

Helllloo my wonderful Mama M!!! I had such a great day with you on the lake and can't wait for more to come. I can't believe we stayed awake during the entire movie afterwards!
It was such an awesome day all around (especially when you drenched Matt with the hose! Haha!)...thank you so much for letting me tag along as usual ;-)
love you!!! We need to get together for some of those girlie movies we were going through!

-nik :)


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