Monday, June 30, 2008

What we do for fun :)

We went mountain biking on the Dorba trails for about 3 hours. We also rode on the paved trails until my tire blew out. I thought ( from the hissing sound) that it was a snake. Chris said he didn't think I could ride that fast up a hill. You would be surprised how fast you can move when you think a giant snake is under your feet :)

The campground has these paved trails that wind all through the trees, fields and by the beach area. We decided to go for a run ( about 4 miles) but waited just a little too long. It was probably close to 100 degrees. We had to keep stopping at the water spickets and drench ourselves with water. We did not run well~ be we did do it!
All that biking, swimming and running has me thinking triathlon :)

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