Monday, June 30, 2008

Our week long camping vacation ~

Chris and I took a much needed week off from everything. We packed up the camper, bikes and kayak's and headed out to the lake. We got a great site right on the water and had a wonderful time!
I think we ran into every bug, reptile and animal that you would NOT want to see while camping. As soon as we pulled in a bunch of hornets let us know we were in their territory. They never left us alone the whole time and found every way to get in the camper.
While I was swimming, I bumped into "something" that was either a snake or a fish. Chris says it was a fish, I don't think so.
While we were walking one night we crossed the path of a skunk. When he saw us he turned his backside towards us. At this point Chris says "run"! So, we took off running laughing hysterically. We ran into another one later on our bikes... again rode away quickly laughing.
There were rabbits everywhere. They are ok. But these big loud crows woke us up in the morning making that awful sound they make :)
You are probably asking yourself at this point why we think this is fun?? :) Check out the rest of the pics and posts from the week, you'll see why.

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