Sunday, June 1, 2008

Chris has the Last ride for the day

I have realized that I put these photo's in starting at the end of the day. So... if you want it to make more sense you may want to start with the post "celebrating Matt's 18th birthday"and work your way up.
There was a photographer at the lake and I guess we looked like we were having fun, she shot a bunch of pics and put them on her web site. We look like an advertisement in the last shot :) They are really good shots. You can view them by going to
Click on Recent Events and then Lake Lewisville, you'll find them there.

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ShutterSpire said...

Hey, thanks for the plug btw!

It was great shooting pics of you all. Yes, it looked like you were having a blast =) The fun must have been contagious.

Thanks for stopping by the site! We re-arranged the page so just click on "Special Events" and then "Recent Events" and you will be back to your pics.

Hope your 4th was great.


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