Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Day 2008

We had a great Christmas enjoying our family & friends as well as the traditions that have become very special as we celebrate this day together.
Christmas Eve was spent at church with Nikki's family for the Christmas Eve service followed by coffee and food at I Hop. The I Hop part is not one of our traditions but was a lot of fun anyways :)
Our family headed home and opened one present each and then watched our favorite Christmas movie "The Muppet's Christmas Carol" with hot apple cider.
I am ALWAYS the first one up ( it's just too exciting to sleep) and I wake the rest of them up by playing a particular song ( on repeat, getting louder and louder the longer they sleep) that talks about it being Christmas morning and saying "you've got to get up". They really hate that :)

Before we all go to bed, I set the bread maker so it will be finished baking early the next morning, when we have warm bread and coffee as we open presents. We are always so excited to see every one's face when they open their presents, it's the best part!
Then Chris and I get to work making our very spicy Christmas Day Chili that cooks for several hours.

Kevin got Matt some new frisbees this year so we spent a while outside throwing the frisbees.

Later in the day our friends Billy & Donise came over and brought desert. Nikki joined all of us later that night and we ended the day watching a movie and being so thankful for the gift of family & friends but mostly for the greatest gift of all that was given to us!

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Nikki Soon-to-be Minich said...

I had a wonderful Christmas with my second family...I'm so sad that it's all already over!
I love you!!


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