Friday, January 9, 2009

Randy & Vannesa!

Last weekend two of Tim's friends, Randy & Vanessa, were married! The wedding was beautiful with all the Christmas decorations still up. The reception was at an Italian restaurant in Dallas, Maggianos Little Italy. The food was fantastic and the reception was a lot of fun! All the "kids" (young & young at heart) had a ball, dancing, dancing, dancing!

Vanessa & Randy are two of Tim's friends that we would have over with the whole gang for dinner, bbq's and celebrations while they were all in college. They are an outstanding group of young people that we are so very proud of! They are our next generation of doctors, engineers and business men and women.We are all lucky to have people like them coming into this workforce. Congratulations Tim, Luke, John, Daniel, Amanda, Randy& Vanessa !!!!

Tim was a groomsman again and looked so handsome in his tux :)

Tim with Mom & Dad~

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Lauren Reed said...

So handsome!! :-)You guys are an amazing family-Happy Belated Birthday to Kevin!


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