Sunday, November 16, 2008

Byron's Memorial Service

Chris and I went to our friend and neighbors ( Byron Mote) memorial service yesterday. The service was absolutely beautiful and was such a celebration of Byron's life. It lasted 3 hours but did not feel like it was that long.
Byron was retired but had served most of his life in ministry. He was a pastor for 13 years close by here until they moved across the street 8 years ago. His service was done by his fellow pastor friends and his family.
I wanted to write about some things that really stood out to Chris and I. When Byron was diagnosed with cancer he began journaling his thoughts and what he would want his family and friends to know. His daughter read some of that to us and it was just so powerful. He loves the Lord and people. That was evident when you spoke with him. He wanted all of us to know to always have hope, put the unimportant things aside, forgive and as his son Mark said " just give me Jesus".
While Byron was in the hospital they recorded audio tapes so he could leave a special message his son, daughter, wife and each grandson of which there are 6. We got to hear his message to his children ~ yes, we are all being scraped off the floor by now :) But what a beautiful, everlasting gift for each of them to have.
Much of the service was a worship service, which we learned that Byron loved praise and worship, old hymns, everything. Seeing his family on their feet worshipping and praising God was so awesome. Isn't that the way it should be?
I have to be honest, I learned a lot about Byron yesterday that I did not know and it made me ask myself are we REALLY " LOVING OUR NEIGHBORS"? I was so fortunate that God allowed me to have some very special moments with Byron in these last 4 months. I wish there had been more. The last time I saw him, he was doing well. Chris and I were out running and he was in the car with his daughter. They pulled up and he was so happy that I had just received very good test results. His family told me that when he saw me doing well, it gave him hope. After talking to him for a few minutes, I gave him a hug and told him when he gets better we will run together. He said "I'll take you up on that". Well, I am still running on the streets of Corinth and Byron is now running on streets of Gold ~ and he is healed!

The times with him and the blessing was mine ~ thank you for that Byron!

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