Tuesday, June 2, 2009

An angel watching over ~

Chris's brother Dave was in a serious car accident on Sunday. His truck went nose first into a concrete ditch after another driver stopped at a stop sign, looked and didn't see Dave.He ( other driver) then went and "Pow" "Bam" CRASH"!( Dave's description:) He was taken to the local hospital by ambulance and then air lifted to a hospital in Phoenix.
He ended up in ICU overnight with a fractured vertebrae in his neck. He is now home and probably has a long recovery ahead. Dave~ we are sooo glad you are ok, gave us all a good scare. Thanks to everyone that was/is praying for our brother Dave.
Here are some pictures from the accident;
This is Barb, Dave's wife in the ditch after the truck was removed

Dave's truck

David and his son Jake

and daughter Melanie

" We are all just one phone call away from being on our knees"
Thank you God!


Mike and Christie said...

We are so glad Dave is ok. It was good to talk to him last night.
He sounds GREAT!
Precious pictures

Anonymous said...

Wow, he was lucky!!!!!!!!!! Praise be to God!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Can't believe how fragile life is even through all my years I still have to be reminded. Dave is in my prayers. GOD was with him or maybe his guardian angel. Loved the photos of the apartment.
Hugs, JoAn

What's Going On... said...

Wow! God was watching over him! I can't imagine how scary that was for your family! Praise, praise, praise to God!


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