Monday, June 29, 2009

What do you do when it is 110 degrees outside????

Take the boat out for the first run of the year!! Tim put a hitch on his pathfinder to see if it could handle pulling the boat. It was no problem at all.

How many times do you drive over the bridge and see the boats on the lake and wish you were there instead of on 35?? We enjoyed our view of the bridge on Saturday :)

Jim always kept his wedding ring in this floating key chain when he would wake-board. Saturday was Kevin's first time out wearing a wedding ring, so guess where he keeps it?? :)

Tim getting ready to go out and do his famous 360's on the knee-board. I don't think he has beat his Mom's record yet :)

Matt's turn~ the beginning of the season is always filled with the best wipe outs. Matt is particularly good at them. You heard "OHHHH" come from our boat several times when it was his turn, as he is upside down and landing on his head. Oh, Matt!


Have a safe and fun summer everyone ~


Anonymous said...

What a fun day and more to come!!! We need to take the boat out a whole lot this summer. Put it to use! :) I'll get my jetski working this weekend.


What's Going On... said...

Looks like a fun time Elayne!! I know you're enjoying every bit of it!!


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