Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday at Kevin & Nikki's~

Just a Sunday afternoon~
Kevin & Nikki invited Chris and I to their new apartment today to go swimming and have dinner with the 2 of them, Matt and Molly ( Nikki's sister).
It was 108 degrees today so it was either indoors or in water-only choices. We picked water!
The apartment is adorable and they have done such a nice job decorating it. Makes Chris and I want to sell everyhting and downsize to a one bedroom apartment :) Ahhh.... probably not.
They made dinner for us after we swam with ice cream for dessert. Very fun afternoon.
Then home to relax on the back porch ( only 100 degrees now) with ice tea, a magazine and guitar. Just a nice day :)


What's Going On... said...

OH man! That looks so nice! I want a pool! Looks like a GREAT day was had by all!

Anonymous said...

wonderful family, prayers to Ed.

the McGrath family


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