Monday, July 13, 2009

Tim's moving to Europe!

It's Official~ our oldest son Tim is moving to Europe in 18 days! He will be living in Prague for the first 5 weeks becoming certified as an English translator. After that, he will apply for a job and is pretty open as to where he will live. We are very happy for him to have this oppurtunity in his life but as you can imagine we will miss him terribly.

He and his friend Luke will be going together and have already enrolled in the class and have a flat that they will share with some other students.

Tim is in a great position in his life right now to do this and we are excited for him as he gets to travel Europe. He will be starting a blog to keep all of us updated but for now please feel free to leave him a message here before he moves. Move date is July 31.


Anonymous said...

Elayne & Chris,
Well our two oldest will be many miles from us very soon. What did we do to drive them off? Ha. Happy for Tim. Will be praying for His protection for both guys. Tim, write to your Mother!!!
Love, The Heathcocks

Anonymous said...

That is terrific, good for him and good luck with his new adventure.


UncleBob said...

Tim needs to leave some time open this winter for a true alpine skiing trip... we talked about it a little bit after Kevin's wedding but the more I consider it, the more I really want to do it.

Oakie Grandfather said...

good for Tim That is a trip I wish I had done at his age

Anonymous said...

It is so exciting about Tim. I never experienced what he will be, but I certainly enjoyed travelling the "world" in my youth!!! Great for him.

Love, Dena


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