Sunday, July 19, 2009

Why arnt my parents excited??

Last night we went out to dinner with Tim and on the way home he mentioned how excited his friends parents were about him moving to Europe. He said "they seem more excited than my own parents"! I said " yeah, that's easy for them to be excited, there kids are staying here" !
Well, we REALLY are excited for him and it has me think about this experience he is going to be able to have.
I am concentrating on things like ~ how this is something we ALL wish we could do.
~All the new and interesting people he will meet from around the world. One's with names like " James Lord and "Braumley".
~how technology makes it so easy to keep in touch with him. He will be starting a blog so we can follow along on his journey.
~ that he gets to live in a "flat" not an apartment and does not need a car to get around.
~ the places, cultures, food, history and people he will learn about and experience.
~how he is stepping out of the "box" and trying something so different and where God may lead him with his teaching English. He is a very good teacher by the way :)
~ oh, the photography! I am so jealous. He has a great camera too!
~ the courage and planning it takes to do something like this and how happy we are that he will travel with his friend Luke.
Please be praying for Tim and Luke over these next weeks and months as they adjust and settle in.
So.. to conclude we are most definitely excited but will very much miss him. We may just have to get our passports ready!!!


Anonymous said...

Gene has his passport, I'm getting mine. Do these kids really think that there is anywhere on earth that we can't follow them? Ha. Love to you all.
Diane and Gang

Mike and Christie said...

It is really exciting! :)
And you are just a plane ride away.
There is skype, the internet, email, much different than years ago when folks boarded boats never to see each other again.
He's just an email away. :)

Oakie Grandfather said...

I don't know about his parents, but I am excited. I envy him. I hope he sets up a blog and keeps us informed.

What's Going On... said...

Get them ready girl!!!


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