Monday, December 7, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree.. Oh Christmas Tree...

It's Christmas Time!
The decorations are finally all set up, shopping has begun, it's ok to play my Christmas music now without everyone saying "it's too early"!
We went and picked out our tree the day after Thanksgiving with Uncle Bob and Matt. Kevin and Nikki came over later that day and helped decorate the tree and have popcorn & mocha's

It's so nice to have a daughter, she actually loves decorating the tree :) The guys "go along with it". It was sweet to watch Chris and his new daughter stringing up the lights together. He even taught her how to wrap the lights up like a ski rope :)

We picked our "special person" which is a family tradition. You pick a name and can't tell anyone who you got. On Christmas Eve we find out who had our names and give a gift to the person you chose. The "special" part is that it has to be something you make, plan or do with or for that person, not just another present. Something special for that person or between the two of you. It is a lot of fun, takes some creativity and we all look forward to it every year :)

LiLi helped, sort of.

We have already had snow ( even if it was just for a few hours) and hope to one day have a "White Christmas"! This was pretty close though.

Merry Christmas everyone!


customerservice said...

I loved this entry!!
I had so much fun decorating the tree! I tried hard to focus on my homework, but the moment you started unwrapping ornaments, I knew I couldn't resist. Christmas is just so much fun!
By the way, I started to wrap our tree in lights a couple of weeks ago. Kevin stopped me and said, "Remember what my dad taught you?"
I remembered it pretty well! I love learning new things..haha!
I love you guys! Can't wait for special person!!

Nikki Minich said...

I have no idea why that comment says it was posted by "customerservice." That's very strange. Hmm...

Elayne said...

That was a lot of fun and I have NO idea how you can study around all of us :)
Looking forward to the Special person gift too~ I am done mine ( he-he).
Love ya!
No idea what the customer service thing was either.

Anonymous said...

Great photos Elayne!We had flurries but nothing like that.:)

Mike and Christie said...

Oops, I am not yhe noelles or customer service....LOL


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