Monday, March 30, 2009


DAY 1~ We are officially "under construction" ! We are approaching 11 years since we built our house and it was time for the linoleum kitchen floor to go. All 360 square feet of it!

After a very long time of trying to decide whether to go with tile or wood, we went with ceramic tile. So, Saturday was spent buying samples, bringing them home and finally choosing one. Another trip back to home depot and my van was loaded up with 1000 lbs. of ceramic tile!

DAY 2~ was spent ripping the old floor out, scraping, peeling and cleaning up the mess.

Thankfully Kevin did all the floor removal while Chris did most of the scraping. I pretty much had the clean up jobs.

DAY 3~ Today was the day all the appliances had to come out. The sink and toilet from the bathroom.


The washer, dryer, oven and stove!

As you can see it is day 3 today and we have a LONG way to go! More later on "This Old House".

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring is here!

Spring time in Texas!

We have had a quiet weekend and the weather here has been beautiful, perfect for all that are on spring break. Kevin went camping for a couple of nights and said the campground was pretty much full. I know our kids have enjoyed the week off!
I took a few pictures yesterday while we were out back working in the yard and garden. The purple Wisteria is in full bloom and just beautiful! LiLi loves to climb the trees, she was on her way down with this shot. We are expecting rain during the week so Chris and I are getting ready to end the weekend with a bike ride to the lake :)

Hope you also had a nice weekend and Spring Break :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Our Visit With Cindy & Emily

Tim and Kevin were here Friday to visit with them and help move jet ski's around. We all had pizza and wrestle fighting with uncle Chris and Emily.

On Saturday Cindy and I went to Dallas Market while Emily spent the day with uncle Chris. I had a great time with Cindy and it was very interesting to see how she puts together all the clothing lines for her store ~

Chris took Emily hiking, had breakfast and lunch together and watched X-Men ( Emily's new favorite).

There are more pics of Emily and Chris's hike, I just picked a couple. I think Cindy may put the others on her blog.
Me, Chris and Cindy were able to get a 4 mile run together while Kevin & Nikki played with Emily. Cindy and I also took a nice long 3 mile walk. Both were great!
On Sunday we all went to church, watched movies and hung out. Cousin Matt brought over art supplies and he and Emily created their masterpieces! Monday morning Cindy, Emily and myself got to workout in my gym and had a ball. We were sad to see them go but had a great time!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Graduation/Birthday Party!!

We celebrated with Tim on Saturday and I think everyone had a great time! I know we sure did.
On Friday night our guys arrived to practice (band) with Chris to play a couple of songs on Saturday. That did not happen, more later on that...
Saturday came quickly with Tim's band members getting here early to set up followed by all his proud grandparents and many friends and family members. With a grand total of 46 people!
Thanks to so many that brought a dish we had plenty of food and drinks for everyone. It was great seeing everyone and listening to Tim's band. However, some of our neighbors did not appreciate the band as much as we did and after playing about half of their set we were visited by the police department for numerous complaints. Oh well, it was worth a try :) The officer was very nice and when he looked around and saw grandparents, little kids, etc., he said "this is NOT what I was expecting to find". He graciously allowed us to play one more quick song and then we had to end the music and that is why Chris and the guys never got to play :(
The party did continue on and we are thankful for all that came, the weather being great ( no rain) and mostly for our Tim ~ enjoy the slide show from the party!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy 24th Birthday Tim !


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