Monday, March 30, 2009


DAY 1~ We are officially "under construction" ! We are approaching 11 years since we built our house and it was time for the linoleum kitchen floor to go. All 360 square feet of it!

After a very long time of trying to decide whether to go with tile or wood, we went with ceramic tile. So, Saturday was spent buying samples, bringing them home and finally choosing one. Another trip back to home depot and my van was loaded up with 1000 lbs. of ceramic tile!

DAY 2~ was spent ripping the old floor out, scraping, peeling and cleaning up the mess.

Thankfully Kevin did all the floor removal while Chris did most of the scraping. I pretty much had the clean up jobs.

DAY 3~ Today was the day all the appliances had to come out. The sink and toilet from the bathroom.


The washer, dryer, oven and stove!

As you can see it is day 3 today and we have a LONG way to go! More later on "This Old House".


CLM said...

Cool pics! You have a lot of work ahead but I bet it will be beautiful when you are through.

- Cindy

Anonymous said...

Its always fun to see what you guys are doing. You're alot braver then I would be to show pictures of the work done around here. One job always leads to another so we are never done. Look forward to the next exciting pictures from "This Old House"!


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