Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Our Visit With Cindy & Emily

Tim and Kevin were here Friday to visit with them and help move jet ski's around. We all had pizza and wrestle fighting with uncle Chris and Emily.

On Saturday Cindy and I went to Dallas Market while Emily spent the day with uncle Chris. I had a great time with Cindy and it was very interesting to see how she puts together all the clothing lines for her store ~

Chris took Emily hiking, had breakfast and lunch together and watched X-Men ( Emily's new favorite).

There are more pics of Emily and Chris's hike, I just picked a couple. I think Cindy may put the others on her blog.
Me, Chris and Cindy were able to get a 4 mile run together while Kevin & Nikki played with Emily. Cindy and I also took a nice long 3 mile walk. Both were great!
On Sunday we all went to church, watched movies and hung out. Cousin Matt brought over art supplies and he and Emily created their masterpieces! Monday morning Cindy, Emily and myself got to workout in my gym and had a ball. We were sad to see them go but had a great time!


CLM said...

This is the first time of me seeing your blog, I really like it. Thanks for putting my Mommy's website on your blog. I was just putting Jessica on a seat so she can look at the window.

Elayne said...

Hi Emily!
I am glad you like the blog. We had a fun time with you and your mom.
Did Jessica like looking out the window? LiLi is asleep on the chair behind me :)
Love~ Aunt Elayne


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