Monday, March 9, 2009

Graduation/Birthday Party!!

We celebrated with Tim on Saturday and I think everyone had a great time! I know we sure did.
On Friday night our guys arrived to practice (band) with Chris to play a couple of songs on Saturday. That did not happen, more later on that...
Saturday came quickly with Tim's band members getting here early to set up followed by all his proud grandparents and many friends and family members. With a grand total of 46 people!
Thanks to so many that brought a dish we had plenty of food and drinks for everyone. It was great seeing everyone and listening to Tim's band. However, some of our neighbors did not appreciate the band as much as we did and after playing about half of their set we were visited by the police department for numerous complaints. Oh well, it was worth a try :) The officer was very nice and when he looked around and saw grandparents, little kids, etc., he said "this is NOT what I was expecting to find". He graciously allowed us to play one more quick song and then we had to end the music and that is why Chris and the guys never got to play :(
The party did continue on and we are thankful for all that came, the weather being great ( no rain) and mostly for our Tim ~ enjoy the slide show from the party!


What's Going On... said...

Looks like a fun party! I can't believe the police had to show up! : ) Too funny! I'm sure he was pleasantly surprised!!

Mike and Christie said...

We had a great time. :)
thanks for the entertainment, especially the police. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi from Heidi's in Naples. The slides were great and the party looked wonderful. I especially loved TJ's spiked hair.....I guess that's the new style.

Take care. Love, Dena


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