Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

A last minute through together Halloween made for a very fun day and Halloween Eve.

Dr. Pepper
The day started with searching for pumpkins ( which could be found nowhere) and then making lots of candy apples! Nikki and Elayne were the candy apple Queens!

Next it was time to carve Jack-O! Chris was in charge of this one.


Chris & Jack-O

While Chris carved Jack-O the rest of us hung out and played Frisbee.


Matt & Kevin playing a very odd game of frisbee. Instead of catching it, they try to hit each other with it. How do you win?? Take the hit without moving or flinching.

Kevin; Mom, can we come over on Halloween and decorate? We will put everything out and clean everything up!
Me: Not this year Kev. I'm not feeling so great. How about just a movie and pass out candy?
Kev: OK
Me; ???????
 Although Chris and I have pretty much given up the days of "Haunting" the house, the boys still have a blast with it! This is Kevin & Matt's last minute masterpiece.... which brought lots of "trick or treaters" to the house.

this thing is creepy

Our original plan for Halloween was to watch the Rangers, dress up as "boring old people" and pass out candy. I think this tends to be how Chris and I feel sometimes :)
Guess who??
 Just decorate?? Oh no... must dress up and scare the older kids too!
Guess who??
 We had a very fun day with all our kiddos! Hope all of you had a fun and safe Halloween.................
Happy Halloween!


Erika Minich said...

Sounds like you had lots of fun. LOL.


Erika Minich said...

Thanks. Can you measure your head so I can do your hat????????

Jonna said...

I alwasy forget to look at this blog! I'm behind! These are great!


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