Thursday, January 28, 2010

Julie & Julia?? Well, maybe not...

but we sure had fun trying! After watching Julie & Julia with my daughter-in-law we decided we HAD to bake! So off to Wal Mart for all the ingredients to make chocolate pies and Red Velvet cake.

By the time we made the pies and ate dinner we realized we may have been a bit too ambitious( after all that would be 2 recipes in one day) and decided to save the red velvet cake for Valentines day.

What a fun movie and fun day baking with my daughter! Oh, and the pies were really good too :)


The Adventures of Erika said...

Wow that looks good. It sounds fun to. Did you goes have fun.I would love to tast it. How is Nikki and Kevin doing. With love.

Anonymous said...

So cute! Elayne, can't get use to you with glasses. Must get together girlfriend. Lauren is at medical school in St. Kitts. Caitie is at TWU and Mom is at home. Keeping you in my prayers for the days to come.
Love, Diane

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! That was so much fun! It was the first time I was able to wear my "Minich" apron as well, so it was a good day all around!
I love you! I can't wait to bake our next cake!

P.S. I went home and flipped through all of my cook books. I was in such a cooking mood after Julie & Julia!


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