Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tim..Twenty Six...

Wow! Today is Tim's 26th birthday! Although we will see him tonight, we had a little surprise lunch for him on Sunday. Little did he know he was hosting his own birthday lunch at his apartment. He even ordered the pizza for everyone.
We told him it was a "send off' lunch for Stephanie as she will be leaving for Madrid on Wednesday :(
So, me,Chris and Matt came to the apartment after church, dug into the pizza while waiting for Nikki and Kevin to arrive. They arrived with a lit birthday cake ( carrot, which is Tim's favorite) and a cheesecake for Matt.We all sang Happy Birthday to Tim AND Matt ( whose bday isn't until April), confused them both, and then I gave them their presents.
We had to give Matt's early because they are all going to see the Mavs play the Knicks before April :) Kevin received his tickets in January for his Bday as well. They should all have a really fun time together!
Happy 26th Birthday to our oldest son and one of my favorite people~ luv you,Timothy...

From the Greek name Τιμοθεος (Timotheos) meaning "honoring God",


Anonymous said...

Happy 26th Tim. I can honestly say that I remember a very cute little boy around the age of three or four. I can remember the boy but not the age.....I'm old. I'm trusting that you had a good day with your sweet family. We are so blessed that the Lord brought you all into our lives. Continue to trust and always place Him first in your Life and as you know already He will continue to bless you.
Love, The Heathcock Gang

Erika Minich said...

Happy birthday Tim. Love you.

Erika Minich


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