Monday, November 10, 2008

Family week~

This week was full of visits from family members. Many that we have not seen in quite a while.It was great to see everyone and I enjoyed the time visiting.

My aunt and uncle, Dena and Harvey were in town from Connecticut for a wedding they attended with my parents over the weekend. They all came to my house from the airport and we visited for a while. Then we met Tim at Chili's for lunch. It was a great visit with lots of good conversation. We actually get to see them often considering how far they live away, which is nice. Dena and I keep in touch through e-mail and I enjoy that :) Thanks for lunch Dad and Harvey!

On Sunday, my aunt Suzie, uncle Burt, cousins Michelle, Jeff and Little Matthew all joined us for church and a BBQ. They all seemed to really enjoy the music and pastor Bruce's sermon. Chris was playing guitar this week so they were able to see him play with the band and choir.We were able to introduce them to our Pastor and some friends. Kevin and Nikki spent most of the weekend with us too, which is always fun!

We came back to our place and hung out, had a BBQ and got "caught up". It was so much fun :) Aunt Suzie & Uncle Burt told stories about some of the weddings Burt had performed as a justice of the peace. They are hilarious, you two should really consider wring a book :)

We had been trying to plan a get together for over a year and finally it all came together. Little Matthew is a great little guy and I even had some cool toys in the attic that he liked playing with. Little Matthew, Nikki and uncle Burt watched Prince Of Egypt while the rest of us hung out and tried to keep warm :) Michelle, Jeff and Matt got a new puppy named "Popcorn" that they brought with them. She is adorable~

Thanks for coming out everyone, enjoyed the visits!

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Anonymous said...

Nikki and I had a GREAT time! Hopefully we can do it again sometime soon.



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