Friday, November 7, 2008

In His Fathers Arms~

I am sorry to write that we have lost another friend. Many of you had been praying for our friend and neighbor Byron. He was diagnosed with cancer 4 months ago and spent his first day in Heaven yesterday. We will miss seeing and talking to Byron, however we know where he is and that he is no longer in pain. I feel very honored to have been able to sit and visit with him a few times over these past few months. Please read the note below which was on his family's blog and written by a family friend~

Thank you for all your prayers. This is Pam writing on behalf of the Mote family.
Byron's homecoming was at around 11:00 am today. Jennifer and the 4 oldest grandsons were there anointing him and praying over him. He took a deep breath and fell into the Father's arms. Joni Vaughn and I arrived moments later. It was very peaceful in the room. The family was able to spend several hours in the room saying good byes. Friends arrived to visit with Byron and pray with him and were told the news. Many shared what a wonderful friend and pastor he was. He was loved much in this life, and he loved his family deeply and he loved his friends.
This is just a "see ya later."
There will be no visitation or viewing. There will be a private family funeral in the next few days. A public memorial is being held tentatively on Saturday, November 15th at 2:00 pm at Glory of Zion Church in Denton. Another message will be sent with the definite plans.
If you would like to leave a testimony about Byron or send the family condolences, you can do so on
Please forward this to anybody that would want to be contacted about this.
Continue to pray for Jan, Jennifer, Marc, Meredith and the 6 boys.
Anybody that is local and would like to bring food for the family, send an email to Ellen Samek at

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