Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Our Fall Camping Trip!

Evening Sunsets at the beach~ each night we went to the beach area to watch the sunset. By Kayak ,this was definitely the best~

We walked down there one night~

And Biked one night~

We love to hit the trails on foot or bikes. We found this one part of the woods that had lots of pine trees ~ smelled like home in New England and Oregon.

Usually as we are exploring we come across a preserved historical area. I am always amazed as we stand there, imagining that a very long time ago this was someones home. Probably a small cabin that only has the fireplace remaining. Here we are in 2008 riding our bikes through what was another families home long ago.Can't help but wonder what their lives were like?

Good Morning after a VERY cold night. We have a heater in the camper but the door opened up during the night and we did not know it until morning. It was cold!
Chris is making us garden omelets for breakfast :)

I am literally under 5 blankets here ~ I did not want to get out from under the covers :)

We got another campsite on the water so we were able to have our morning coffee and kayak time~ "Life is Good" :)

Hot chocolate and a campfire each night~

we played our "every camping trip" game of scrabble and as you can see from Chris's intense concentration that this was more serious to him this time and he did win :(

We had a great time and look forward to our next trip which will be a winter camping trip!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing.
GOd Bless.

Mike and Christie said...

What great Pics. Is this Lake Murray again?


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