Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy 21rst Birthday Nikki!

Nikki & Matt are the only two that have riding double on the jet ski down.
Mom & Dad congratulating Nikki on her engagement to Kevin.
Relaxing at Bee House :)
Meeting Leonidas.
The picture tells it all~ so much fun!!
All the little cousins love Nikki!

Family, movies and Football are a regular here and we enjoy it every time.
Nikki~ we have loved all the times we have shared with you and are so excited that you will be our first daughter! Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...



Aunt Suzy and Uncle Burt said...

Happy Birthday Nikki!!! We love you,too!!!!Welcome to the family!! Love, Aunt Suzie and Uncle Burtxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Future Mrs Minich said...

Thank you so much, Mom!!! That was so sweet! I love you all so, so much--I feel incredibly blessed to have such an amazing new family!!!!!
That made my day! :) :)
I hope I see you soon--I miss you already!

Oakie Grandfather said...


Oakie Grandfather said...

Happy Birthday Mikki!


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